About Ma’din Higher Secondary School

Ma’din Higher Secondary School also scripts a success story. It has both residential and day school facilities. Committed teachers who are capable of delivering high results are the strength of Ma’din Higher Secondary School. We follow the state syllabus in both Secondary and Higher Secondary. At Present we have Commerce and Science Courses in H.S.S levels. Besides, we provide moral education based on the syllabus prepared by the Ma’din management which Includes Qur’an , Hadeeth and Fiqh and contact classes of the Religion Scholars


School started in 1998, got recognition from the state govt in 2010. Recognition Order No: GO(RT) No:695/2011/G.Edn. Dated 31/07/2010, School code.18144 for HS. Recognition Order No G.O(MS).No:150/2010/G.Edn. Dated:31/07/2010, School code No:11306 for H.S.S. And also got minority Status from Central Govt in 2012.